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Rogue Mission - Video Trailer


Rogue Mission

The fourth Jordan Sandor novel ROGUE MISSION is being released on April 26, 2016.

When CIA agent Jordan Sandor attends a celebration for James O’Hara, the man who served as his commanding officer when he served with a Special Forces unit in Iraq, an explosion is unleashed by a terrorist cell, killing the guest of honor, numerous dignitaries, and severely injuring Sandor.

The Deputy Director of the Agency, knowing Sandor’s devotion to O’Hara, orders his agent to focus on his recovery, and to keep away from any independent investigation of the attack. During his recuperation, Sandor is visited by Howard Lerner, a friend he had not seen for years, and who also served under O’Hara. Now a successful international financier, Lerner is in serious trouble and believes Sandor is the one person who can help him resolve a dilemma with dangerous and far-reaching consequences. 

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  • “As current as today’s headlines, ROGUE MISSION is a taut, well-paced thriller with action that begins on the first page and does not let up until the last.”

    Robert Tanenbaum, New York Times Bestselling author of the BUTCH KARP series
  • “I fear that the plot of ROGUE MISSION will be a headline in the near future.  Jeff Stephens has penned a terrific, timely and taut thriller and we should all hope a hero like Jordan Sandor is out there for when it comes true.”

    Jack Du Brul, New York Times Bestselling Author of the Philip Mercer action adventure novels, including The Lightning Stones
  • “I hadn’t completed reading Jeffrey Stephens’ ROGUE MISSION before I knew one thing. I was going to download the previous Jordan Sandor books and get caught up on this fascinating series.”
  • “The action is based on a very complex, sophisticated and ruthless terrorist network…This is a great story”

    Charles Ashbacher Reviews
  • “ROUGE MISSION is a sexy, high energy, well calculated story with a quickening pace that will keep you riveted to the end.”

    Coffee Shop Conversations
  • “ROGUE MISSION is the stuff from which Hollywood blockbuster movies are made!”
  • "ROGUE MISSION should satisfy readers familiar with this genre who’ll be happy with Stephens’ stylistic gifts with character interaction and fresh takes on old tropes. More, please..."


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